„Energizing us”

„Be the positive source of positive energy and not only its receiver

Małgosia Tomasik & Matt Domogała

Together with Małgosia, we developed an original concept of „Energizing Us” to help ourselves and others. „Energizing Us” is a complex method created to give our lives much needed sense and desired quality. The goal is to help us find the right tools and motivation to embrace and implement change to consciously use the correct sources, deal with hardships, prevent professional burnout, cultivate relationships, invest in self growth and live life to the fullest.

Get inspired by the concept of „Energizing Us”!
Live your life consciously and truthfully!

Sources of the „Energizing us” concept

The concept of “Energizing Us” stems from:

  • The best practices of firms and corporations showing leading trends in management
  • Stress management programs and their techniques designed for and used by people working and living under a lot of pressure and dealing with extreme situations (U.S. Army, Navy Seals)
  • Crisis management techniques implemented within support groups
  • Positive psychology newest discoveries coming from studies conducted by ivy league universities (Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, etc.)
  • Training methods that increase physical, psychological and emotional strength used by triathletes and extreme sports athletes
  • Also, our own experiences, and experience of our friends and colleagues

Why did we create the concept of “Energizing us”?

We created the concept to improve the quality of life not only of the individuals, but also of groups and organizations.
The results can be clearly visible in:

  • Building better relationships (employee-employee, employee-team, employee-client, and most importantly person-person)
  • Increasing engagement across various spheres of life (professional engagement of employees in work and company progress, or personal engagement of individuals in actively pursuing their goals)
  • Strengthening of loyalty and bond between the employee and company
  • Changing work environment through building more positive culture and structure of the organization (promoting happier and healthier interpersonal relationships)
  • Drastically rising numbers in sales
  • Reaching the upper hand over competition
  • Growing productivity of employees
  • Decreasing stress level of employees, supervisors and managers
  • Lowering need for usage of sick leave through higher interest placed in employees’ health
  • Falling number of employees experiencing professional and personal burnout, etc.

Strengthen yourself, your team and organization applying THE „Energizing us” concept

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