Meet Małgosia 

“It is worth realizing that resilience is a skill, which when developed systematically, allows you to use your inner and surrounding resources effectively, in order to overcome life adversities. “
Małgosia Tomasik


Trainer, Mentor, HR expert

Małgosia has vast practical experience and a range of success in working on organizational culture and change management, employees’ involvement, job satisfaction or development. She has also dealt with companies internal communication, union negotiations, and positioning of a company as the employer of choice. Her biggest passion in the field of human resources has always been attaining talented and competent people for businesses, supporting their abilities and skills development, and later, their work as leaders shaping teams and organizations in Poland and abroad.

Małgosia managed HR teams of such companies as Arthur Andersen and EY. She prepared and implemented strategic solutions for the purpose of recruitment, motivation, development, and methods of retaining the best employees in companies in multiple countries. She worked in teams creating global solutions (e.g. participating in teamwork evolving global HR strategy of a company along with Wharton Business School scientists). She co-created new departments and new consulting specializations. Małgosia was involved in training preparation and workshops hosting in the US and Dutch Arthur Andersen centers. In the fusion of two companies she was responsible for negotiation within the human resources area. Next, she was in charge of building a new company culture and foundations of modern HR solutions for the EY merged team of 1,500 people. As HR director at the Orlen Group (one of the largest oil and gas companies in the Central Europe), she added work with the unions to her experience, ending 8-year negotiations thus allowing implementation of Corporate Collective Labor Agreement.

In recent years, as part of her professional growth, she worked on development and application of modern technologies supporting communication within a company and development of the Human Resources Management course in Management and Leadership at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.

Małgosia passionately travels to the furthest places in the world. She loves opera, and sailing. She frequently volunteers for charitable organizations.

MaŁgosia – fun facts

Organizational culture:
Successfully developed and applied solutions supporting company culture, e.g. at Arthur Andersen in Poland, based on trust and integrity and also company positioning as employer of choice, appreciated by employees and outside environment.
It happens that she watches, or rather listens to over 20 operas a year in her home country and travelling from Milan to Sydney.
Distant places culture:
Małgosia uses her passion for travel to learn the cultures of the places she visits. She maintains long-term friendships with meetings from South America, through Middle East to Asia and Australia.


Małgosia has worked countless hours as a teacher and mentor, and she inspired young people to sail, dance, travel around the world, study new cultures, get into entrepreneurship, or try out new professions unrelated to completed academic training.


Malgosia volunteers and does charity work, often making it her priority over many projects.


Intrigued by the new profession on the market, which she acquired as one of the first in Poland, she left her beloved Silesia and came to Warsaw. Although change of career and work environment was not always a success (e.g. implementation of modern technologies), thanks to open mind to new possibilities she exposed herself to new environments, expanded her knowledge and competences.

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