„EDUTAINER”, keynote speaker, trainer, coach, entrepreneur

Matt Domogala has been sharing his knowledge and experience for over 15 years, hosting conferences, workshops and lectures in the U.S. and Europe.

He inspired many participants of business conferences. He coached companies including Metlife, Adidas, and many others. He also performed at conferences organized by Wharton Business School, Columbia and Yale Universities.

He passionately applies the newest discoveries in psychology and human brain studies to business by presenting his concept of life and work expressed in a simple phrase: “Energizing us.”

At his workshops he shows participants how to build energy (individual and team) and how to increase resilience in order to handle professional and life hardships. He helps companies, organizations and individuals fully utilize their skills and grow.

Matt is not only a coach, but also a businessman and an effective manager experienced in building international teams and international project management. He introduced Polish IT companies to the American market.

Matt graduated with a law degree from Silesian University and MBA degrees from PACE University in NY.

He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, accomplished NY marathon and a couple of triathlons, and climbed Mont Blanc.

Speaker and Trainer 


Wharton Business School
Yale University
Columbia University
Pace University


Central European Business Association in New York
New York Business Clubs

… and many others

Educator + entertainer

He transfers knowledge by combining humor and information.

Matt completed three majors:

  • Law School at Silesia University in Katowice, Poland
  • MBA Marketing & MBA Management at PACE University in NY
  • He constantly laughs at himself saying that he learns too slowly… at the same time he teaches others through laughter, fun and entertainment.
  • He realized that laughing at himself helps others gain distance to their own weaknesses.

MATT domogaŁa

Matt ran social projects in the US (over 1000 hours) – mostly helping his compatriots and promoting Poland. He received an award from the Polish Consul in NY for Polish culture promotion in the USA.

He helped addicts at hospitals in NY stay clean by talking about his own weaknesses and challenges.

MATT domogaŁa

Matt invested in workshops and personal training more than in completing his MBA. It was an investment that was not fully conscious, but it paid off. When he lost everything going through professional crisis, all that was left was knowledge and skill of putting it into practice. He invested his time and energy into friendship with exceptional people, who helped him go through the hardest moments of his life. These shared times created a huge capital. Reinvested further helps others: “share you knowledge, experience and sensitivity. Show that it is worth helping others gratuitously.”

Some of Matt’s presentations
and appearances
at conferences in Europe and USA:

“Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets, US-Polish IT Forum”
Place: New York
Assignment: Conference leader and host
Audience: International investors and businessmen

“Million Women Mentors STEM Connector’s Conference”
Place: Washington DC
Assignment: Speaker representing Poland as part of “MWM”
Audience: Leaders of global corporations, mayors, government and other public institutions leaders actively supporting MWM in USA

“ATD Midlands 2016 Conference and Expo”
Place: Columbia (South Carolina)
Assignment: Speaker – trainers workshop equipped with tools allowing maximizing of training effectiveness as well as increase of influence of trainers on company’s culture
Audience: Trainers and corporate coaches (team members of Association of Talent Development)

“Fifth International Congress of Small and Medium Size Companies”
Place: Katowice
Assignment: Keynote speaker
Audience: Experts and businessmen

“How to grow your career – Central European Business Association Conference”
Place: New York
Assignment: Keynote speaker
Audience: Entrepreneurs

“Staying driven and overcoming any obstacles while building career”
Place: Wharton Business School, Philadelphia
Assignment: Keynote speaker
Audience: Top students of finance major

„Polish Professionals Burnout”
Place: Warsaw
Assignment: Keynote speaker
Audience: Medium and Large Business leaders and managers

„Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures (BDAS) Conference”
Place: Silesia Polytechnics
Assignment: Keynote speaker/ Motivator
Audience: IT specialists and scientists from Poland and Europe

„SQLDay 2017”
Place: Wrocław
Assignment: Keynote speaker
Audience: SQL Server „PLSSUG” users

Strengthen yourself, your team and organization applying THE „Energizing us” concept

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