We work with companies and organizations in the U.S. and overseas to help them build resilience of their employees and entire teams through raising their level of engagement and energy in the workplace and their lives.

This allows them to achieve better long-term results.

Get inspired with „ENERGIZING US”


(how a New York businessman became a coach/mentor)

My own weaknesses and eagerness to overcome them inspired me to create the concept of “Energizing us”. Initially it was difficult for me to deal with my flaws. I felt this overwhelming lack of energy and that prevented me from materializing my dreams and goals. As I was researching and reading to help myself out, I ended up building the concept of “Energizing us”. I started achieving my goals one by one.
That made me feel like I was reborn… lighter, stronger, sharper and even more inspired and motivated.

I was so energized and excited, that I decided to share my experience and knowledge with others and with time my work and the idea of “Energizing us” expanded within the U.S. and Poland. I easily combined my personal goals with my career, which became my calling and passion.


We have known each other for over 26 years and although I left for New York City and Małgosia for Warsaw (we are both originally come from Katowice), so naturally we lost contact. But we easily refreshed our relationship after years thanks to LinkedIn.
In the meantime our family and friends filled us in on each other’s professional changes and accomplished projects, but it was relatively recently that I got Małgosia interested in the concept of „Energizing Us”. She is a great partner to discuss development and growth of this idea. We quickly discovered that we share the same values and easily communicate with others. We also turn gender differences (eg. style or approach to work) into an asset of complementing each other at our work.
That is why we combined our international professional experience, knowledge, ideas and energy in order to work together on our development of the „Energizing Us” concept. Our first performance together on a conference – Burnout of Polish Professionals – cemented our belief that it is the right decision.
That is how we started our adventure with the „Energizing Us” concept!

Strengthen yourself, your team and organization applying THE „Energizing us” concept

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