All our workshops and seminars are adjusted to the needs of our clients, their teams and organizations.

The “Energizing Us” concept is based on the newest scientific achievements (including neuroscience and neuroeconomics) of Harvard, Penn University, or UCLA, and their practical applications, e.g. by the U.S. Army.

The seminar is deeply rooted in business practice and uses not only the hosts’ business experience, but also their work with multicultural and international teams and leaders.

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Participants, corporate leaders, talents representing local and international teams will work on (topics will be explored in more detail as needed):


„The person with higher energy always wins!”
Matt Domogala

Understanding the importance of our physical, mental, emotional and social energy is the basis for building our resilience, relationships, and our future. Without it even the most defined goals or thought out solutions become difficult in their fulfillment. It is hard, especially that we live in times of a deep energy crisis, which we experience as individuals. Increasing expectations deprive us of time, strength and energy for the next tasks. When it is hard to manage time, as it is limited, it is important to learn how to manage our energy, also, to have better relationships with family, friends and colleagues. This energy fuel is what our teams, companies, families need, because success is fueled by positive energy.

When the leader is tired his/her team is dying… Every one of us is a leader as each of us has an influence upon people around us.
By participating in this workshop, we realize that we have to constantly charge our energy, because we are physiologically designed to renew it on a regular basis. We also learn new behaviors and acquire tools that help us effectively manage our energy, consciously build and renew our and our team’s resources and potential.

„You first and foremost task as a leader is to charge your batteries and then help others balance their energy.”
Peter F. Drucker


In everyday life, we tend to judge our surrounding reality, relationships, personal and professional challenges, etc. This judgment shapes into a narration, which is an average of our emotions adequate to situations we are going through. For the optimal functioning of both us and the teams in which we operate, it is important to use the adaptive functions of positive emotions. Positive and energizing conversation with yourself increases thinking elasticity, awakens creativity: allows for less typical associations and non-standard thinking. It allows us, in a supportive way, to understand our attitude in a negative situation – releases us from guilt, lets us believe in positive change or hinders us from generalizing the meaning of a given situation.

This workshop talks about self-regulation of mood, helps in creating the right narration in relation to personal or professional situations, and equips in universal tools for daily usage.


Effective and emotional engagement is a drive. It steers our energy on many layers, and, what goes with it, it influences the energy of those around us. Energy is the source of our engagement, which we are responsible for. We strengthen it by shifting our attention on the right things, taking care of our resilience, staying in shape, and building relationships – building emotional bond and feeling appreciation. Positive emotions which we experience in relationships with other people are the best source of energy, because engagement is born in our hearts, not in our minds.
Participants will learn how to effectively work on their energy and mindfulness to be engaged and engage others in effective and satisfying actions.


“To be a great leader, first become a great person.”
Robin S. Sharma, “The Leader Who Had No Title”

„Manage yourself first, then others and the organizations”
Peter F. Drucker

We can all be a leader without a title, despite our social status, family situation, or work rank. It is enough to verbally or actively influence people in a positive way. S/he is authentic, in control of emotions, her/his actions and words are driven by defined values, which s/he believes in on a daily basis. His/her thoughts, words and feelings are synced with actions. By promoting culture of trust and respect, they can easily engage others with ideas and tasks. S/he is a leader, guided by heart, showing emotions, others come to him/her for advice and support. S/he is focused on the goal, builds effective relationships and teams. Reacts and positively influences change in the surrounding environment.

This workshop is directed at people who aspire to be leaders and want to work on their development and skills of an authentic leader, inspire and positively engage others.


„What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us. ”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

„It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.”
Brian Tracy

The ability to utilize our inner resources in overcoming obstacles and challenges allows us to creatively deal with life problems. It helps us not only to overcome difficulties, but also to strengthen and flourish. It helps us embrace change in a courageous and practical way, and believe that change is necessary and meaningful. It also helps us believe that through our actions we create our future. To achieve our goals it is wise to ask others for help and support and control our emotions and feelings so that they remain true with how we think of ourselves.

The goal of our workshop is to warm up our attitude to change on individual and team level. It helps in understanding change and pointing out factors that can get you there. It shows that change is part of life and it takes certain way of thinking and actions, which can be achieved by all of us.


„Let’s analyze how it was 200 years ago; the same energy and the same potential. Recently, however the world changed in a short period of time. Not because we are smarter, or work harder, but because of our potential. The game will keep on going. It is much easier when the second half participates in it.”
Warren Buffet, Most Powerful Women Summit, 2009

Studies show that organizations, which utilize integrated leadership potential of men and women, are more innovative and achieve better results. Although there is more and more discussion on synergy of male and female energy in business, not that many businesses put it into practice and find solutions to integrate different knowledge, experience, styles, and behavior to achieve optimal results.

Our workshop takes from the best business practices in the world and our own experience in career building. We will consider why so often women do not get to the top. Also the inner factors that block them and what the society and organizations do not provide. We will try to establish solutions that help companies create engaging cultures and integrate the synergy of male and female energies in business.

„68% of women and 67% of men would like to be promoted. Moreover 48% of women aspire to become a board member in comparison with 44% of men, but only 25% of women and 42% of men believe that they can reach their goal.”
McKinsey, 2017

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