How participants describe their experience
with Energizing Us concept

„Matt is a terrific host and speaker—incredibly dynamic, engaging, and professional. He served as moderator for a very high-profile Polish-US IT event which I attended at the Polish Consulate in New York, and I was very impressed by his skills to deliver a great, substantive message to a sophisticated audience. He is definitely one of the best presenters and hosts that I have ever had the pleasure to know. I look forward to working with him for many years ahead.”
Ann G. Kayman,
CEO New York Grant Company
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce 2009 Enterprising Woman of the Year

„Four hours of powerful training – mindful, real, inspiring, engaging and encouraging to stay focused and simply… to reflect.

Thank you for four hours of great energy and prompts about personal and professional lives.

Thank you for sharing how to:

– face everyday life challenges,

– plan mindfully,

– stay motivated,

– keep faith,

– deal with failures (real ones and those made up in our minds)

– fully celebrate and build on successes and achievements


Four hours of energizing vibrations coming from you – together with our team of top executives and managers we experienced a real “WOW effect”.

It was an incredible journey to the world of ENERgy, Optimism and real life experiences. Thank you.”


Andrzej Cydejko, Micro-region Director of Santander Bank Polska

Magdalena Wiszniowska-Tomaszewska, HR Business Partner

„Observing Matt in action reminds me of watching a baseball play-offs game at the Yankee Stadium between Yankees and Red Sox. Whether you are a sports fan or not, the atmosphere is electrifying. Matt is a world-class coach with knowledge and experience much greater than his age. This is really something special.”
Ray Kober, Sales Coordinator at Aflac, New York

The workshop with Matt Domogała was nothing else but an eye opener for me. I have participated in many workshops however this training gave me a huge dose of inspiration and good energy to manage my own potential.

The training shows how important it is to care for our own wellbeing and gives the tools to strengthen ourselves and support others. Thanks to the charismatic trainer we can discover how important it is to take care of our own resilience and life energy to experience life to the fullest both as an employee, leader and a human being. I recommend this workshop for people who always look for something new – this original workshop will surely surprise them. I recommend this workshop for leaders and people who manage others – this meeting will surely present a fresh perspective on motivating and engaging others. I recommend this workshop for those who take care of their psycho-physical well being – they will find many practical ways on how to take care of themselves without reaching for expensive and complicated solutions. There is only one thing I can say after this workshop – I want more!

Beata Bukowska, Partner, Inwenta Sp. z o.o.

“We had a pleasure of inviting Matt for two workshops, which were attended by managers from five countries. We had our doubts at first, whether Matt can reach people coming from different cultures and backgrounds. However, our doubts were unfounded! Everyone loved Matt’s personality, knowledge, and most of all the fact that he showed us how to use our inner energy more efficiently. Let the measure of success be the fact that some of the topics and vocabulary have permanently entered our business dictionaries. It is very important that Matt consulted our expectations prior to workshops. Moreover, he took the time to establish a good rapport with the participants, which directly translated to great dynamics of the workshop.”
Paulina Dubińska, Nordea, Team Leader in Sub Custody DK & NO,
Rafał Jaksa, Nordea, Proxy Voting & Tax Services

„The workshop and its subject were immensely inspiring. Personally, I was touched to the core. It initiated a change in my thinking process, because it is true that a human brain tends to think negatively, and the concept “I CAN” shows how to change it in a smart and permanent way. I am definitely planning on implementing proposed solutions into practice, both in my personal and professional life.
I will recommend the “I CAN” workshop to everyone, because I think that you are doing something great. Combination of Matt’s charisma and Małgosia’s knowledge is like Yin & Yang. Keep it up! „
Mariola Królikowska,
Whirlpool, HR Lead, East Cluster

„Matt is an excellent presenter because he is engaging and keenly aware of the needs of his audience. He is energetic and enlightening. He recently presented for ATD Midlands at our annual conference and expo, and he managed to capture and hold the attention of an audience of trainers and facilitators. Well after his session was over, I observed people talking about what he had shared and carrying around the tools he had offered. His presentation was effective long after it was over.”
Betty Parker
President, Sharper Development Solutions, Inc.
The Association for Talent Development Board Member

„Presented way of thinking is truly effective. It is true what people say, that it looks simple, but achieving it is a real challenge. We wish you to inspire as many people as possible, just like you inspired us.”
Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania conference coordinators

„On behalf of the Consulate General of Republic of Poland in New York, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your personal involvement and participation in “Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets. US – Polish IT Forum” on May 17th, 2012.

It was our greatest pleasure to collaborate with you on this interesting IT conference. Your personal commitment, participation in organizing this event and your leading role as a Master of Ceremony in this event was highly appreciated by all co-organizers, panelists and the audience.

The public was also highly interested in your presentation about latest IT communication system designed by successful Polish companies. I would like to stress that your general comments enabled the public to see new possibilities in US-Polish partnership.

We believe that participation in such an event and sharing valuables facts and thoughts on Poland proves to strengthen Poland’s image in the USA and is an effective way of promoting US-Polish business cooperation and Poland as investment destination.”

Henryk Sanecki
Consul, First Counselor
Head of Trade & Investment Section
Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York.

„Matt is the perfect blend of valuable information and dynamite motivation. His ability to cast a vision, provide realistic steps to accomplish a goal, and infuse enthusiasm into a struggling team is powerful and effective. Not only does he show you how to do it, he makes you believe you can.”
Lori Hatcher
Editor, Reach Out
Columbia magazine

“During an annual conference for all the Kinnarps Poland employees we had a pleasure of hosting Matt Domogala. Knowledge and inspiration that we received from him will be utilized in our personal and professional life. Matt’s workshop was highly evaluated by our employees. Here are some of the things they said:
“Motivating and stimulating… “
“Forces you to analyze yourself…”
“Well prepared and executed workshop…”
“Great, I think it was the best of its kind.”

Everyone who is interested in the topic of effective utilization and increase of their inner energy level, as well as the energy of organization, I strongly recommend the “I CAN” workshop, which allows to develop new perspective on our inner resources and capabilities. It is also a great bonus to meet Matt, a very interesting and inspiring person and speaker.”
Maria Lorenz, Kinnarps Poland, HR Development Manager

„You are a wonderful team and I am happy that I met you. Matt, you’re a great speaker, authentic, convincing, inspiring, and believable. Malgosia, your warmth, tranquility, knowledge and the way you spread your passion are amazing and I want to keep listening to you. Your workshop opened up many areas of knowledge for me and allowed me understand how some of my personal mechanisms and my business environment mechanisms work. Tentativeness, enjoying the moment and being grateful for those moments is what I am taking out of this seminar, and I will practice it.”
Marta Zmyślony
Dale Carnegie Training

„I had the pleasure of meeting Matt at the IT Conference at the Polish Consulate in New York in May 2012. He was the lead speaker and host and did it with tremendous passion, energy and intelligence. He mastered his task of representing Poland and the Polish IT sector. Thanks to his positive energy, wisdom and sincerity, Matt made a great impression on the audience consisting of influential personas from the worlds of technology, finances, and the public sector.

His solid input in promoting Poland is certainly an inspiration to all who want to proudly represent Poland.

A few times I had a chance to observe Matt “in action”. He performed all his assignments with great focus, incredible creativity and generous professionalism.”
Dr. Malgorzata E. Stys
Business Strategy Executive, Technology Transfer & Research Alliances
IBM Watson Research and Corporate HQ
Armonk, NY

“Meeting Matt and the “I CAN” concept was inspiring and valuable both, to the whole Kinnarps team and me. Time spent on inner energy and company energy management was definitely well utilized. Matt’s workshop gives an opportunity to stop and investigate your own potential and capabilities, helps you find energy and how to maintain its’ high level. I strongly recommend; it is worth to gain a new perspective!”
Beata Osiecka, CEO Kinnarps Poland, Head of CEE Region

„I offered Matt the job to run a workshop to motivate my employees just after a five-minute conversation in my office, and that was the best decision I could have made. It has been 8 months since the presentation and we are still talking about and feeling the energy he shared with us. More importantly we are still using his methods and techniques to motivate ourselves, which makes us sell more effectively.”
Jan Kubica, Director of Commercial Union

„Matt with his energy and incredible respect to people creates a simultaneously safe and intense environment. That forces people to break the shell, to look at themselves. This analysis and reflection inspire and energize at the same time. Taking action that we’ve kept postponing seems now natural.
New York Toastmaster member

I participated at Matt’s seminars in New York a few times. Each presentation was interesting and inspiring to me. I noticed that all the attendees were more positive and ready to take action afterwards. I recommend Matt’s seminars!”
Jan Stopa
President of Central European Business Association

„It is a huge success to be able to inspire and motivate students in the way that Matt did it. I was fascinated with listeners’ reactions and results. His passion and energy are simply exceptional. I am not surprised that he became an inspiration to our students.”
Rachelle Epstein
Career Service Advisor
Pace University

„In 2005 I was part of forum “College 4 U” in Polish Consulate in NY. That’s where I saw Matt for the very first time and I participated in his workshop. I felt inspired by his lecture. This experience was godsend. I felt inspired, but more importantly, his lecture gave me faith and made me think: “I can do it! I want to grow!” I incorporated Matt’s tips in my everyday life and I was shocked that I achieved my goals so quickly. Today, after living for 3 years in the US, I am about to graduate, I have a good and fulfilling job with growth possibilities, soon a book in the field of architecture will be published, to which I was an illustrator. In addition I run an academic club and I travel around the US along with other dancers. Matt’s energy, his knowledge and willingness to share his experience with others changed my life forever.”
Piotr Szałęga, student, forum attendee “College 4 U”

„Presentation was incredibly enlightening to me and allowed me to see things in my life from a different angle. Thank you!”
Wharton Business School student

„Matt presented practical and very useful motivational techniques to sales department employees. It was a very dynamic, convincing, and practical presentation. With great conviction I recommend Matt as a motivation coach.”
Andrew Dudus
Sales Manager
Metlife, New York

„Matt is a dynamic speaker and presenter, he uses his sense of humor to entertain his audience, while at the same time teaching them, and sharing his knowledge and ideas. Matt is an excellent storyteller, and I would recommend him as a speaker, presenter and a trainer.”
Joe Arnold, CC, Columbia Toastmasters club member.

„I invited Matt Domogala to deliver a keynote speech at 11th International Conference “Beyond DataBases Architectures and Structures”. Since I met him in NYC at the conference he was leading as a Master of Ceremony I was sure he would do a great job at our conference.
I must admit however that shortly before the event I started having second thoughts about it.
I knew that the audience at our conference – scientists, would be a completely different audience than business people at the conference in Manhattan, which Matt was leading.
I am glad to share that my doubts were gone after first 3 minutes of the presentation. Matt engaged audience from the first words and kept them engaged and active for 60 minutes. The atmosphere was inspiring and energizing. Level of interaction higher than I even expected. Most importantly Matt produced a long lasting results for us.
Not only I got a great feedback from many of the participants but also we were talking about some of Matt’s ideas and using some of his tips and techniques to maximize our experience at the conference.
I really enjoyed when one of the keynote speakers commented Matt’s presentation just after it when he said: “I wish I could present my speech just after Matt’s part when people are so open minded, excited and inspired to listen, learn and support the speakers. Matt did an excellent job”
Dariusz Mrozek, PhD
Assistant Professor
Institute of Informatics
Silesian University of Technology

„Matt Domogala offered a refreshing perspective and model for resiliency at the Association of Talent Development SC-Midlands Conference and Expo. Matt’s energy and humor made learning fun, and he was able to translate the topic in ways that were very personal and applicable to me. Thanks, Matt!”
Lisa Brownlee
ATD member, Consultant

„…workshop… made a great impression on me. I could tell that people found it beneficial, they worked at the seminar in the atmosphere of openness, they were curious… you run this workshop in such an energetic (!) and motivational way, and what you say stays in people’s minds and inspires… especially priceless to me were: numerous digressions to scientific findings, sharing your own experiences and reflections, workshop structure including handouts and universal application of proposed solutions – at work and in private life. Thank you on my behalf and behalf of my entire team!”
Katarzyna Czabańska
AMGEN, Development Operations Manager

„Your presentation at the SQLDay 2017 Conference opening gave a new quality to this event. This presentation was surprising, unexpected, expressive and of very high quality in terms of the message. You are a natural born and seasoned speaker, which was visible when you were upon stage. A lot of us noticed that each word that you said and how you said it was purposeful and planned. You made us realize how important is their knowledge and building a social network at conferences like SQLDay. On my behalf and behalf of other coordinators of the conference, thank you for professional show and a ton of positive attitude. Energize us!”
Paweł Potasiński
Lead creator of SQLDay 2017 Conference

„…We took advantage of Mr. Domogala’s workshop offer twice so far. In 2015 we had a seminar “Energy of narration and communication” to our managers. This year we decided to continue our cooperation. Mr. Domogala hosted a workshop “I CAN” to a wider group of our employees, including all departments. Participants highly evaluated the workshop (even those who were skeptical initially), which is why I decided to offer this workshop to the remaining part of our team. I can recommend Matt as a solid and professionally prepared business coach, inspiring to take action and bringing fresh energy to the team.”
Jaroslaw Kapusta
ABUS Crane Systems Poland, President

„Matt Domogala showed effectiveness and creativity when it comes to reaching the listeners. The workshop was conducted with deep engagement and very professional approach to participants. The content, based on his “I CAN” concept and utilization of these ideas in everyday life along with helping materials used at the seminar were graded very highly by participants. I can definitely recommend Matt Domogala.”
Joanna Topolska
Maxi Zoo Polska, HR Manager

„This workshop had a powerful message and it was delivered in a clear way. Extremely important topics were tackled, such as long-term goals, intrinsic motivation, and social interactions. The speakers kept the audience engaged, which helped remember a lot of points. I strongly recommend.”
Joanna Izdebska
Danfoss, Marketing Coordinator

„Valuable seminar that highlights self-development aspect. If someone wants to learn about mechanisms – positive and negative ones, which influence our personalities, they should take this workshop.”
Grzegorz Zuchowicz
Shared Services Poland Sp. z o.o., Accounting Team Leader Groupon

„Well hosted workshop. A lot of condense knowledge coming from different fields. Funny, with energy, with a clear message, essentially on a very high level. Time well spent. I have a lot to think about now.”
Paulina Kalinowska
Adventure Warehouse (Pracownia Przygód)

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